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Open Workshops & Trainings

Specialized in supporting organisations along their transformation and innovation journey, we propose a large catalogue of trainings to methologies leveraging collaboration and collective intelligence.

Our workshops, conducted in the language of your choice, are aimed as well at consultants and individuals wishing to broaden or to consolidate their competencies than at organizations wishing toimplement innovative work practices that scale individual commitment and team performance up.

The Fundamentals

Design Thinker

Experiment the Design Thinking tools &
methodology with a concrete use case
2 days

Adaptive Leader

Understand and experiment
agile leadership
2 days

High-Performing Team

Experiment efficient and energizing
2 days

Design Bootcamp

Experiment the Design Sprint method
and apply it on a concrete case
4 days

Sprint Facilitator

Practice the design and facilitation
of workshops
3 days

D&D Product Owner

Learn how to help teams to design
and deliver impactful solutions
2 days

The Advanced Pack


Validate your professional practice

Team Coach – Level 1

Practice and ponder the attitude of high
performance teams’ coaches
3 days


Validate your professional practice

The Specializations

Remote Team

Understand the stakes of virtual teams
and leverage collaboration
2 x 1h30

Meeting Facilitator

Learn to design, organize and facilitate
productive and energizing meetings
1 day


Practice multiple observation
2 days

The Communication Pack

Public Speaker

Enhance your communication skills in
front of an audience
1 day

Story Teller

Learn how to build an impactful story
to pitch your ideas and grow strong
1 day