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Our Certifying Path

Whether you are an independant consultant or a professionnal involved in your organization’s
transformation, we give you the opportunity to develop the whole range of capabilities that will
allow you to manage innovation projects or to support multidisciplinary agile teams, and to validate
them by the mean of a professional certificate.

As transforming work practices starts with transforming people, every step of our training path
relies on placing participants in a real-life situation involving challenges encountered in the
world of work, and on deeply experiential and reflexive learning methods, in teams from 4 to 6

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Mastering transformation

High-Performing Team

Experiment work practices allowing to
boost teamwork.
2 days

Adaptive Leader

Understand and experiment agile
leadership, in terms of management
style and interpersonal relationships.
2 days

Boosting innovation

Design Thinker

Practice the Design Thinking
methodology and experiment the
collaborative mindset.
2 days

Transformation & innovation

Sprint Facilitator

Learn all the aspects involved in building and
facilitating collaborative workshops.
3 days

Design & Delivery Product Owner

Learn how to build, motivate and intertact
with high performing teams.
2 days


Validation of professional achievements.

Coach – Level 1

Practice and ponder the attitude
of high performance teams’ coaches
3 jours


Validation of professional achievements.

Certificat dthinking

At each step of our certifying path,
we deliver you a digital certificate
that you will be able to directly
integrate into your Linkedin profile.

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