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The High-Performing Team
to design:

the design team


the team is the core element of every organization,
and at the heart of it, work is done, innovation happens
and change takes place.

The design team

The design team gains empathy with the users, designs value propositions and test prototypes till validation. The organisation is user centered and facilites the work of the design team. It is designed to become a High-Performing Team.


The single key success factor

Self organized

User centric

Continuous learning

Design & Delivery

The design team consists of a core team and members evolving over time depending on the project’s needs. When the production requires technical competencies, a production team delivers the validated prototype. Both teams have common members e.g. product owner, sw architect, business analyst or UX designer…


The operating model

It differently operates than an usual project. It requires different mindset, way of working and mode.

The High-Performing Team model

The team is aligned to a compelling vision. It generates enthusiasm and commitment.
It is expressed as a value proposition solving problems for the users. And storytelling enables the team to sell it internally & externally.



The team is focused on persistently delivering value to the user. Each of them feels  accountable about pursuing the team’s vision. They rely on quick autonomous decision-making to seize opportunities and pragmatism to break down the vision into sequential actions.

It is all about psychological safety. It is built on trust. They engage in constructive conflicts while actively listening each other. Resource allocation is dynamic to feed the project with the required competencies over time.



Openness shows in a willingness to continuous learning. It translates into a relentless search to uncover unmet needs of users. It is also the quest for real time feedback about their deliverable and their behavior as a team and individuals. Just to improve… to get faster results.

The paradigm shift

From a process focused to a customer centric organization. Good financials are a consequence of a higher user centricity.
Such shift requires top management commitment and numerous facilitators & team coaches. Innovation and transformation are tightly intertwined.