Let's accelerate this human centered transformation

To become a design thinker 💡 

You are the freelancer type. You wish to develop your competencies in design thinking 💡 and service design for your own clients. And you help to accelerate this human centered transformation🎯.

With our certified training path and our ecosystem, we help you to grow your competencies and to differentiate yourself. 

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You accelerate your human-centered transformation

New ways of working, a mindset

Design thinking 💡, Lean Startup, Scrum, Agiles and many others are today the new ways of working.

Those are indeed methodologies enabling organisations to design, produce and improve products, services, processes and, even, organizational structures. 

For new comers, it can be very foggy. What are those methods? What is the mindset behind? When shall we use them? Why?  

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How to integrate design thinking 💡

in your (digital) transformation

Design thinking 💡 and service design are nowadays more and more experimented and used with good reasons.

However, the results are not always forthcoming☀️ Why? How to succeed the use of such methods with concrete implementation? How to onboard teams in such a transformation ?

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Design thinking 💡 

and design sprint, what is it

Each phase of the design thinking 💡 process is explained in details with some examples. Some key tools are presented.

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Our webinars to help you

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Leadership & high performance team

Future 🎯 belongs to organizations capable to develop and value team's work with a servant leadership. The 'high performance team' framework 💡 and the leadership characteristics are presented.

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Our workshops

We accelerate this human centered transformation by empowering individuals, teams and organizations with agile and iterative methods.

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