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Tailored workshops and trainings

Organizational transformation requires adopting new mindsets and decision making models,
both more agile, more collaborative, more holistic.

Our tailored workshops offering efficiently boosts this transformation toward new ways of
working. Our value proposition focuses on:

a mindset shift through confronting complex situations
learning by doing, during concrete exercises and positions
progressive empowerment of teams by putting agile methodologies in practice

Our offering

Creative leadership programs

We design support programs aimed at managers and tops talents, in order to facilitate the development of an agile and collaborative result-oriented culture.

Learning communities support

We develop customized training sessions for commiunities of practice, so as to empower them and support them in their path.

“New ways of working” seminars

We organize seminars and short training cycles around agile methodologies in order to federate corporate culture around organizational transformation.

Corporate academies

We provide you pedagogical engineering capabilities to support the development of your own approach to innovation and transformation.

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