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We train your teams to new ways of working to boost performance.

Work takes place inside teams, and learning inside networksu.We propose a complete range of certifying trainings around agile and creative methodologies,while fostering peer-to-peer learning and practical application with concrete use cases.

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We support the full range of
transformation and innovation needs inside organizations

The Fundamentals

Design Thinker – 2 days
Design Sprint Bootcamp – 4 days
Adaptive Leader – 1 day
Team Player – 1 day
Sprint Facilitator – 3 days
D&D Product Owner – 2 days

The Advanced Pack

Team Coach level 1 – 3 days

The Specializations

Remote Team – 2 x 1h30
Meeting Facilitator – 1 day
Observer – 2 days

The Communication Pack

Public speaker – 1 day
Story Teller – 1 day

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Discover our certifying path and become an actor of transformation

Boosting innovation

Design Thinker

Mastering transformation

Team Player
Adaptive Leader
Sprint Facilitator
Design & Delivery Product Owner
Team Coach
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